The Project

The NYSE Big Startup.

The Client

The New York Stock Exchange.

The Objective

Motivate companies in the technology sector to actively trade on the NYSE index.


The Process

As part of an initiative to emerge into the technology sector and drive interested to the index, The New York Stock Exchange commissioned Frame 44 to create a series of videos highlighting up-and-coming companies and the people who were responsible for their success. With Guy Kawasaki as our interviewer, we spoke to executives from some of the newer, more exciting companies that publicly trade on the NYSE.

The goal was to peel back the curtain and give customers and partners alike, a glimpse into the world of small and medium size companies working their way into the market. Frame 44 documented their trials and tribulations, successes and triumphs and gave others the opportunity to meet the individuals that spearheaded these efforts.

In the process, we were privileged to have met some unique and passionate people doing amazing things in technology.

The Result

According to the NYSE, the Big Start initiative sparked a considerable amount of interest over its two year run. Companies that may not have had an early interest in the trading publicly on the NYSE have since expressed the need to do so and a number of them are now trading on the exchange. The ten videos created through this initiative resulted in a rise in adoption and interest from technology companies trading on the NYSE.